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Pressure Cooker 3.5L Soup Meat Pot Rice Cooker Gas Stove Micro Pressure Cooker

by Alzolo
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Capacity: 3.5L

Type: Pressure Cookers

Product Description
It is suitable for cooking vegetables, fish soup, steamed fish, crustaceans, and rice. It is rich in nutrition and delicious. The vertical pot lid is made of transparent tempered glass, which is beautiful, practical, sturdy and durable.
Material: fine iron
Color: green, red
Size: 3.5L large capacity, suitable for 1-3 people
Features: non-stick pan
Applicable stoves: suitable for all cooking utensils, gas stoves, electric ceramic stoves, electric stoves, induction cookers, etc.
Package Includes:
1pc Pressure Cooker

Color: red