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1pc Natural Agate Geode Raw Gemstone Crystal Specimen Contains Healing Reiki Cleansing Crystal Clusters

by Alzolo
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Is Natural Material: YES

Material: CRYSTAL

Crystal hole is a kind of special structure formed by natural crystal raw stone. Its main characteristics are large and symmetrical holes in the center, and relatively complete crystals around it. It is traditionally believed that in the fields of feng shui and Reiki, sparkling holes are conferred with a number of benefits:


1. Increase space energy: It is believed that crystals can receive, amplify, transmit, and store life energy. Because of its holes and symmetrical internal structure, the crystal hole is believed to be more able to gather and guide the energy in the air and the natural energy of the earth, and fuse or release it to the surrounding environment, which may improve the indoor aura.


2. Warding off evil spirits: The ancients believed that the strong electrical energy in the crystal cave could take away the dirty and non-flowing appearance (that is, the so-called "Yin qi", the smell that has not been circulated through the air), which was used to disperse negative energy, eliminate bad luck, and ward off evil spirits.


3. Aesthetics: The shape of the ornamental crystal hole is also a major feature, whether placed alone or combined with other decorations, it has a unique artistic value. At the same time, the crystal itself is also a noble, beautiful and full of vitality of the gem.

Color: cryatsl geode